A free and open source command-line LAN chat




What is OpenChat?

OpenChat is a free and open source command line based LAN Chat, created mainly for organisations with network drives.


Is there any more information?

Yes. Check the wiki.


Who made this?

Broadcastre manages this project, however people around the world can contribute to this project. OpenChat is based off Nerd's Best Advice's LAN chat, however this adds more features and also removes some annoyances.


Is there a support forum?

Not yet, a forum is currently been planned.


What is the license?

OpenChat uses the BSD 3-Clause license, available on the wiki. The license will also be included in the next release

Other info

I might make a C port, potentially with a GUI. The commandline version will not be overwritten if I do this


If someone wants to make a shell script port (UNIX), then they can, but know that I'm definitely not.